Santa Barbara Exterior Auto Detailing*

Basic wash service is now available on a limited basis.

Starting at $35; priced by size and condition, (minimum 2 vehicles) otherwise, $45 is requsted for only 1 vehicle. Interior portion will be limited to a light vacuum if necessary. No contact necessary, cashless payment available. Contact me for details of limitations. 

Exterior Detailing

Decontamination wash, clay treatment, dress trim and rubber, hand application of a high quality durable Si02 polymer/ceramic sealant, complete vacuum, windows in/out, wipe down dash, console, etc.  Check cabin air filter and advise.  

*Package does NOT include paint correction or machine polishing

-Price quoted by size and condition of the vehicle.

Starting at $150     Allow 1.5-2.5 hours

For those on a budget and have time constraints, we now offer a "Express Exterior Detail" consisting of our regular exterior package listed above, but without the decon wash, clay treatment and trim steps.  

-Price quoted by size and condition of the vehicle.

Starting at $85     Allow 1-1.5 hours

Paint Correction and Polishing

1 & 2 stage paint correction and polishing. Starting at $75/hr. Contact me for a quote.

Exterior Auto Detailing

Engine Detailing Starting at $95

Exterior Auto Detailing

Trim Restoration

Starting at $95

Exterior Auto Detailing
Exterior Auto Detailing