Waterless Wrap Care Products

Santa Barbara Detail Supply

CroftgateUSA After Care "JP"

After Care JP 32oz Bottle

Cleans, Seals and Protects Matte and other finishes 

  • Matte: Cleans and protects while leaving an original matte look.
  • Non-Matte: Cleans, protects and enhances reflection.
  • Use on just finished or older wraps to clean, and protect.
  • Continued use ensures that dirt, dust and other contaminates wipe off easier as they adhere to the coating of Wrap Care AFTER CARE JP-M and not on your vinyl wrap.
  • A Spray on - Wipe on - Wipe off Technology.
  • Use on vinyl, paint, glass, plastic and other solid surfaces.
No Petroleum Solvents/No Listed Hazardous Materials

Directions for use:

  1. Use 2 clean twice folded microfiber towels.
  2. Spray onto a clean folded microfiber towel to presoak towel (1 time).
  3. Spray onto and area of vinyl and wipe with the pre-soaked micro fiber towel.
  4. Use second dry micro fiber towel to buff and shine surface.  Repeat steps 1 and 3 until all sections are treated and clean.

For paint, glass and other surfaces, follow same directions as above.