Waterless Wrap Care Products

Santa Barbara Detail Supply

CroftgateUSA Heavy Duty Cleaner

Developed for removal of unusual heavy surface contaminates such as grease, oils, tar, brake dust and certain adhesives 

Heavy Duty Cleaner
  • Water based eco responsible formula, wets out and removes multiple surface contaminates leaving no residue.
  • Our formula lasts longer, wets out your towel better which means more of it gets applied onto surface contaminates for better removal.
  • Other fast evaporating cleaners do not last long in a towel and may not clean as deep, needing multiple applications. They may be made from hazardous solvents as well.
  • A more efficient and safer way to remove heavy surface contaminates including certain adhesives.
  • No heavy fumes to smell.
  • Does not have a tendency to lighten plastics like the fast evaporating petroleum solvent based products.
  • No Petroleum Solvents.

Directions for use:

  1. Spray WC Heavy Duty Cleaner onto an area on the towel and onto to surface contaminates, allowing it to penetrate. Then rub contaminates away.
  2. Adhesives: Spray WC Heavy Duty Cleaner onto an area on towel and a heavy amount onto to surface adhesives, allowing it to penetrate
    and then rub adhesive away.
  3. When adhesive is removed, wipe up with a clean dry towel and follow
    with our surface prep.

For Stubborn Surface Contaminates:
Repeat treatment again. Allow a heavy spray of WC Heavy
Duty Cleaner to sit longer on the area to be treated before wiping clean.