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CroftgateUSA The Last Detail

The Last Detail 32oz Bottle

Protect your vehicles reflection with The Last Detail. Keep your vehicle looking just detailed with our Spray on wipe off technology.  Use The Last Detail on clean surfaces to instantly touch up your vehicles shine. Use on
paint, windows, mirrors, chrome, plastic and more. Keep a car show shine!

Product Features:

  • Instant detail touch up. 
  • Removes light finger prints, dust and more. 
  • A Spray on and wipe off technology. 
  • Wipes on and off easily and quickly. 
  • Use on paint-windows-chrome-plastic. 
  • Contains Biodegradable detergents. 
  • Contains high shine bonding agents. 
  • No Petroleum Hydrocarbons. 
  • No V.O.Cs 

Recommendation For Use:

  1. Use with 1-2 clean dry microfiber towels, we recommend folding towel twice. Use only on a clean surface.
  2. Spray 2-3 mists onto surface area and wipe in with a clean microfiber towel, flip towel over and wipe off.
  3. Remember, The Last Detail is used on multiple surfaces, for GLASS, spay 3-4 mists on glass and using a clean microfiber towel, wipe on and then flip the towel and wipe off.