Santa Barbara Detail Supply is the authorized dealer/distributor for California’s Central Coast of CroftgateUSA waterless wash and detail products. SBDS offers a complete line of low and no water washes and sealants, microfiber towels, and interior care products. We also now distribute low cost recycled plastic car covers for temporary use! 

CroftgateUSA products are made without petroleum solvents or other hazardous ingredients. Our high performance, eco responsible line speaks for itself.

"Amazing! That's what everybody says!" exclaims Rick Sures, president of CroftgateUSA. "When people use our revolutionary technologies for the first time, they experience ease of use, longevity of shine, unparalleled surface protection within minutes versus hour, and are so shocked the news spreads like wild fire by word of mouth.”

Gene Wanek has been distributing Croftgate products since 2013. “Given the current California drought which is not going away anytime soon, I am excited to show the home consumer how they can effectively and responsibly clean their vehicles.”

Gene uses CroftgateUSA products in his mobile detail business as well.